Here are just a few of our accolades:

“My two daughters went to SOPNS and it was terrific! The student / teacher was about 6/1, they had weekly music appreciation classes, and lots of electives. Once a year they turn the parking lot into a winter wonderland with snow! Pony rides, soccer, lots of fun things. They take academics seriously. My eldest left preschool able to read at the 1st grade level. WOW! Denise is a smart and strong administer. Send your kids. 5 STARS” -Posted by Parent on 11/05/14

“Friendly loving staff. Nice secure, clean, fun facility for kids to play. I enjoyed our time here and am thankful for the ease in enrolling my child at SOPNS. The singing and holiday events with the children are lovely to attend and parents are always welcome to participate. My child did learn many things here and enjoyed attending, but I needed to keep reminding myself that this is a nursery and not an academy. We ended up relocating for work to another area and now my child is in an academic focused preschool which I chose so that we are absolutely ready for kindergarten next fall. 5 STARS” -Posted by Parent on 10/18/13

“We have sent all of our children to SOPNS and couldn’t be happier! The oldest children are now in elementary school and thriving because of the skills learned here. They were reading before entering K and have been praised for their social skills upon entry to K. We used the preschool as a daycare because we both work full time but SOPNS is so much more! Our youngest child attends the school currently and is thriving and truly loving the teachers, all the great activities and the play yard. We endorse this school! 5 STARS” -Posted by Parent on 4/8/11

“Someone said this is a daycare and not a nursery school and that her review ‘saddens’ her. I disagree, and I’m saddened that she has such unrealistic expectations for her child. My son has been there since he was two and he hasn’t shown any particular interest in academic pursuits. We don’t really work with him at home, because I don’t believe in pushing. He’ll have plenty of that when he starts school; why start now? I don’t want to turn him off school before he even really starts! Anyway, he’s 5 now and has started reading a bit. He didn’t learn it from us, so he must have learned it at school. He can also add and subtract. Can he write his name? Nope. All of his printing is a disaster. My point is that they don’t push your child here. They nurture. They encourage. What more can you ask 5 STARS” -Posted by Parent on 4/8/11

“I have 2 kids in SOPNS for the last three years. The facility is cleaner than any of the other 6 we visited before making a decision. Moreover, my 2 year old knows his ABC’s and can count to 20! My 4 year old has daily homework assignments, which I find annoying (in a good way). The staff? They listen. I am even more fascinated at just how well they manage an unstable parent. I have seen parents drop kids off while wearing bathrobes (celebrity), fight each other in the parking lot (really), stalk the teachers, angrily confront children directly and more. This school has a near zero tolerance for that kind of behavior, and it’s principle is solely responsible for maintaining a normal environment for our kids. You will not find a safer environment for your children. You will not be disappointed in their education. You will meet good parents. 5 STARS”
-Posted by Parent on 3/18/10

“I LOVE this school!  Both my boys had a lot of fun and learned so much both academically and socially.  They both tested SAS (advanced!)  for Kindergarten!  I am so very grateful that we found this school and I highly recommend it.  If you are looking for an intimate school with well trained and loving teachers this is the school for you.  The staff  remain a part of our family and some of our best friends were made at SOPNS.  It has been the best experience! 5 STARS”  -Posted by Parent on 11/11/14