A New Renaissance is Rising
Kingdom Creativity doesn’t begin with restoring the arts TO the church, it begins with restoring the artist IN the church.

Announcing: Ruah Academy of Art

The RUAH ACADEMY OF ART is dedicated to 5 values designed to nurture, support, and
release every art student:
1. To Discover his/her Identity as Kingdom Creatives
2. To Walk in his/her Destiny as Kingdom Creatives
3. To Grow in the Presence & Prophetic as Kingdom Creatives
4. To Build Community as Kingdom Creatives
5. To Develop Technical Skills as Kingdom Creatives

Ruah Academy of Art is a year round art school designed for working adults that combines classical art training with Kingdom life principles leading the student
into the fullness of their divine Identity and Destiny as artists. It’s more than an art school, it’s a movement designed to reintegrate spiritually inspired
art into the local church and spiritually powerful art into our culture. A movement that will connect artists with the Master Creator and a person’s true Identity; Inspire the Body of Christ and reveal God’s love to the world in authentic and creative ways.

RUAH WORKSHOP: The Kingdom Creative
Friday, August 21: Set up 5:30/6:00pm – 9:00pm
Saturday, August 22: 9am-12pm,1:30pm-4:30pm
Cost: $65.00

*Purchase Workshop & Foundations I- Unit 1: $172.50
(that’s 1/2 off the Workshop + 15% off Foundations I-U1)

• Healing the Creative Warrior
– Identifying Our Creative Opposition
– Restoring our Creative Position
– Aligning with Our Creative Commission

• Restoring Kingdom Creative Identity

• SouPainter: Creativity from the Throne

• The New Renaissance

• Prophetic Activation: The Journey Begins

RUAH Foundations I – Unit 1 Sunday, Sept. 6,13,20,27 Set up 5:30pm/6:00pm — 9:00pm
Cost: $165 (*$50.00 per individual class. A $45.00 savings)
*15% Discount if registered by Saturday, August 5
*Students supply their own material, see reverse
•Drawing Materials & Equipment
•The Secret to Drawing a Perfect Circle
•Drawing Mechanics: Grip, Range of Motion, Area
•Gestural & Contour Drawing
•Line vs. Edges
•Value, Shading & Shadows
•The Four Basic Shapes

Contact: Scot Saunders (805) 320-6178 scot.saunders@yahoo.com www.scotsaunders.com

* Payment Options: Cash, Credit Card, Paypal. Cash payments may be made through the church office.

Credit Card and PayPal payments may be made through www.scotsaunders.com under “Classes.”

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