The SOPC endowment fund, named the MUSTARD SEED FUND, was initially established in March, 2000, to be a perpetual fund, enabling our church to identify and support Community Outreach and Mission Projects without relying on the church operating budget. The sole purpose of the Fund is to support Community Outreach and Mission. The Fund principal is derived from donations.  The investment of these donations is overseen (judiciously) by the Mustard Seed Committee, and disbursements are made from earnings (investment dividends and unrealized appreciation) to beneficiaries identified by the Mustard Seed Committee. As this is a perpetual fund, all principal must remain invested. In years past, members of our congregation participated in the LA Marathon and “pledges” for our “runners” were donated to the Mustard Seed Fund.  Donors have made special gifts to the Fund, and each year the SOPC Session contributes a percentage of the annual pledge budget to the Mustard Seed Fund. The Mustard Seed Fund has contributed to the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission, to the SOPC Deacons efforts, to support for SOPC mission trip for rebuilding after Katrina, to Mission work of individuals, to the Family Rescue Center, and to Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission.  

Below is a snapshot of the financial history of the Fund from inception in 2000 through 12/31/2013.


The Mustard Seed Committee members are nominated by the Session and  elected by the Congregation for 3-year terms during which time they carry out their fiduciary duties according to the Policies and Procedures established at the inception of this Endowment Fund. The current members of the committee are:  Frank Black, Lorna Boyd, Bruce Gridley, Vicky Lanier, and Vicki Perez.


Hope of The Valley Rescue Mission

The Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission is a non-profit 501-c-3 organization in the San Fernando Valley committed to meeting the needs of the hungry, homeless and destitute. Based on biblical principles, Hope of the Valley is actively engaged in feeding, sheltering, and restoring broken lives


Mustard Seed Committee gives its donation to Hope Of The Valley Rescue Mission


The San Fernando Rescue Mission

San Fernando Rescue Mission With a three part program, the San Fernando Rescue Mission offers to the community: Refuge – Food, shelter, and clothing for those in need. Recovery – Biblically based programs to minister to the whole person; body, mind, and spirit. Restoration – Equipping people to lead productive and independent lives.




Bogota, Columbia

Begun in 1870 by Presbyterian missionaries from the United States, Colegio Americano in Bogota is the top rated private school in Columbia. Mustard Seed assists in the funding of Lisa Patriquin as a teacher of God’s word.

bogota2 bogota1

International Teams

International Teams is a Christian mission organization dedicated to meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the poor and oppressed. Advancing the pursuit of Jesus, International Teams engages the most marginalized and impoverished among us, in partnership with churches, businesses and grassroots networks of passionate people investing their time, resources and abilities. International Teams currently has programs in fourteen countries. The Mustard Seed donation was directed to mission work in Central Asia.